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UDON GOLF RESULTS (Sri Thani) ( Mon 3rd June)

Eight of us rolled up to Sri Thani this morning for a Stroke round although some of us did not realize that. The course was ok but needs work, however no point complaining as it achieves zero.

New members Bill Toyn and John Mc Morris played their second round for their handicaps although their scores at the moment are obviously not a reflection on how well they actually can play. There were a few highlights?? Per chipping in from the fringe for a birdie to find that he had played the wrong ball aagghh, his caddie did not win an extra tip for that. Grahams 11 on the 15th par 5 (did I say highlights lol), Bill and Terry’s tee shots into the water of the 1st, Gary’s Drive on the 16th that invaded the 15th fairway etc etc. Bill Toyn retired on the 11th green; we thought he had been joking at the 10th tee when he suggested a break with a cuppa. He retired injured with a carnival knee playing up.

Scores were fairly average with the Stroke format not letting us hide behind blobs.
All in all though it was an enjoyable round as the rain stayed away and no one died, got to be thankful for that. Gary Parks and Graham Firth won the 2 closest to the pins which did not prove to be very difficult with the wayward tee shots most of us played off the 3rd and 12thTerry Aston with 89/16 won the day as a result of Grahams 11 on the 15th giving him a 91/15 result.

UDON GOLF RESULTS (UbolRat) ( Wed 29th May)

Terrific day at Ubolrat with 11 of us rolling up to enjoy a round of golf. Some of us are participating in an Eclectic Comp as well as our normal Stableford round.Guests today were Tony Jones and Bill Toyn both very sociable guys who we hope will become regulars. The course was in good nick, and although the conditions were humid it was not as oppressive as last Monday at Sri Thani.

After his all time low 6 points back nine at Dancoon last Friday Johnny Ward returned to form with a great 37 points to win the day plus taking the money as well on two of the 6 holes.

Denni Harris managed to win one of the 6 hole comps after looking all over the winner initially for the day. Per Hansen beat Denni Hansen on a count back with 36 points for second place, while Cliff Saveall in what is probably his worst ever round points wise came through and won the Closest to the Pin on the last Par 3 hole. 

Our Friday get together has become the highlight of the week for most of us and will only get better once all the members return from overseas and work etc.

Scores. - John Ward 37  Per Hansen, Denni Price 36, Harry Farquhar 35,Terry Aston, Peter Hellery 32,, Cliff Saveall 21,Chuck Mc Cormick 21

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