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In both leisure and top sports nutrition for sports from our FitLine series will help you to give a top performance every day. They do not just provide an optimum supply of nutrients, but also optimum safety. All our FitLine products are regularly checked by the Biochemical Institute of the renowned German Sporting University in Cologne. You can discover more about it on the so called “Kölner Liste” (Cologne List) from the Olympic Office in the Rhine in Germany.

Editors Endorsement:

We see at lot of products on the market that say we can do this and make you feel good. I was sceptable about the FitLine Sports drink so I took a chance and invested £24 (1200baht) for a small tin of powder (30 day supply). The mix is just a small spoonful of the powder with a little water (3rd of a small glass)........well after two weeks nothing happened, still feeling the strained effects of my golf exploits so much so it always took days to get over the pain and fatigue. But in the third week of consuming my daily glass, it kicked in like' why am I not suffering pain when walking in the heat of the day, my recovery rate went up ten fold, I was able to walk and play golf without going through all that pain of the last four holes that I've experienced since playing in Thailand.

I do not and have not received any free products or, I do not get any remuneration for selling any product either. I'm just spreading the word and I will invest in my next small tin of white power and continue to enjoy the health boost from it all.

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