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Handicap Rules 2014

Udon Thani Associated Golf Group'a

Handicap's & Rules (Committee)

Adjudicators:             Cliff Saveall (chair)  Harry Farquhar & Peter Hellery

General: UTGS, UFGG & IFGG

The Handicap system for 2014 are as follows

1.      The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) Unified Handicapping System applies to Udon Associated Golf             Group's, the Udon Friendly Golf Group, Udon Thani Golf Society and the Isaan Farang Golf Group.

2.      A review of all handicaps will take place by the adjudicators at least every three months

3.      To qualify for an adjustment, a player must present scores and cards within the 3 month period,                                overlapping to the next period will only be considered if the player is unable to participate on a regular basis                (non residents).

4.      A player who plays in excess of the for the period of 3 months, be accessed and automatically adjusted

5.      A players Category will be used to calculate the exact and correct weekly handicaps

6.      A score below the 2 shot/point buffer zone against the Course Standard Scratch (tees for the day) will receive a          + 0.1 adjustment.

7.      No alternative tees to be used in a round, the organisers will decide the tees for the day (white’s or blues) this          will assist a proper handicap assessment and a fairer adjustment.

8.      In the event of adverse weather conditions, the CSS for the day could be adjusted by the committee.

9.      All men will play of the men’s tee boxes, ladies of the red tee boxes

10.    Course Standard Scratch for ladies is set by the card only.

11.     Course Standard Scratch will be used to calculate scores, set by the adjudicators

12.    Victory Park (white tees) CSS is set to the card (72)

13.    Victory Park (blue tees) CSS is set to (74)

14.    Ubolrat (white tees) CSS is set to the card (72)

15.    Ubolrat (blue tees) CSS is set to (74) under review?

16.    Wing 23 (white tees) CSS is set to the card (72)

17.    Wing 23 (blue tees) CSS is set to (73)

18.    18K (white tee) CSS is set to the card (72)

19.    18K (blue tees) or back tees is set to (73)

20.    Sri Thani (white tees) is set to the card (72)

21.    Sri Thani (blue tees) is set to (73)

22.    Sri Thani (blues front 9, whites back 9) is set to (72)

Handicaps will be adjusted as normal on a weekly basis, the three monthly reviews will be for the less fortunate players who are unable to maintain/play to their current handicap. In group games other than the U.F.G.G, U.T.G.S and the I.F.G.G, additional cards would be accepted for handicap reduction.

Note: For Handicap reduction "only" in normal play, will only be accepted when the Card has a players and markers signature, Stating "RULE 19 Handicap Only" with the players full name and handicap written at the top of the card.

22.    The results and the weekly handicap updates will be available via our web site @ www.udonthanigolf.com

23.    A printout will be available to the organisers, via the web site

24.    To follow your own scores and handicap progression throughout the year, a file will be available to view or                    download via our web site

In the event of an adjudicator not being able to participate, the other will be responsible for decisions on the day of any event. To clarify any disagreements on rules or handicaps, an email or a question can be put via the form on the web site. In the event of both adjudicators not able to participate, then the decision lies with the organiser for the day.