Udon Friendly Golf Group

Udon Friendly Golf Group

No Membership
No Membership Fee’s
No Joining Fee’s
No Committee
The Group runs the events
The Group decides the format
The Group decides the venues
No Stringent Rules
No obligation to enter sweep………….just play and enjoy the company of others
No priorities or requests who to play with
Balls in the Hat
We will take care of your handicap
No handicap, we will asses you after your first event
Opportunities to play away from Udon………
We have an established partnership with Khon Kaen Golf ( Mick Collins)
Affiliated with the (I.G.A) Issan Golf Association (Tim Zeitz)
You are your own referee on the course
Observe and comply with the rules of Golf, that’s all we ask

We have a sponsor and a meeting venue, feel free to come along and observe the month’s venue and tee times on the notice board @ The T. Bar Restaurant.

Just turn up no later than 15mins before tees times, for the ball draw.

Our close affiliation with Khon Kaen Golf has allowed us to have other opportunities to play at quality courses in events organised by Mick Collins. Mick has been instrumental in continuing the good work and relationships he and Alan Griffiths has had for many years. Our group has made a commitment to support and ensure he and his group continue their success. You can contact Mick or just visit their web site @ www.khonkaengolf.com
We have also been recognised and supported by the (IGA) Issan Golf Association and Tim Seitz, Information relating to the I.G.A is on our web site. You can also contact Tim via email @ Tim490@hotmail.com

Monthly venues and tee times will on our web site also @ www.udonthanigolf.com

For more information contact: cliff@udonthanigolf.com  or harryfarquhar3@gmail.com 

It maybe necessary through the year to change Courses due to weather and conditions. Members will be advised in advance of this eventuating both on our Udon Thani Golf Website or by direct email.

"Competitions could be subject to change nearer the time"





  500 baht