The Golf Clinic

Listed below is a list of improvements we can provide for you:

  • Basic Fundamentals
  • How to Play Shots
  • Chipping Technique's
  • Putting
  • How to Set Up
  • Swing Thoughts
  • Pre Routines
  • How to Focus
  • The Mental Approach
  • Course Management
  • How to Improve your Handicap
  • The Rules
  • Course Etiquette
The 6 x 1hr lessons will cover every single aspect, we can fix your swing and your approach to how to get the best out of what you have. We can eliminate your bad habits and install some confidence when you challenge the course.

We can provide a single 1hr lesson, the lesson will focus on the information you provide for us with so we can improve the areas where your having problems with. We can problem solve your weaknesses with some practise drills most suited to you.

Contact : Udon Golf