Chuck McCormick

Name:  Charles "Chuck" McCormick
Nick Name:    Chuckles
Age:  68
Birth Place: ... Denton, MD, USA

Family:...  Divorced, two daughters, 2 grandsons, 1 granddaughter
Previous Employment: ... .Retired US Army, Retired Government IT Administrator and trainer

Lowest Handicap: ...  12
Current Handicap: ... 24
Golf Achievements:...  Successfully completed beer-a-hole tournament
Reputation: ... Good, I hope.
Other Sports: ... None now.  Bowling when younger
Favourite  Golfer: ... Phil Mickelson   (fellow Lefty)

Favourite Food: ...  Spaghetti

Amusing Story ...  Playing golf outside Atlanta, GA.  First hole.  Tees near front of box.  Strong head wind, so I teed the ball low, planning to keep the shot low into the wind.  I hit a low worm-burner, which hit a "no carts" sign just off the tee box.  The ball came flying back, almost hit one of my group in the head and ended on the black tee box about 50 yards behind me.  Net drive -50 yards.  Still one of my longer hits.