Denni Price

Name: ... Deni Price

Age ... 66

Birth Place ... Battersea  UK, famous for the dog's home,power station and the chelsea hot dog stall

Family... Jack 34,Vicky 32
Previous Employment... 22 years in Government Service, then Chauffeur for Commonwealth Sec. Gen.2 years.
Lowest Handicap ...  Low Hcp 9   

Current Handicap ... Hcp 9
Golf Achievements... Managed to run out of balls during a round on 2 occasions,also hit a ball into the car park and hit my own car. 2012 IFGG Player of the YearHolds Ubolrat Course record for a 10 on the 15th Par 5 recently. 
Reputation ... Well deserved as a Sweet Mouth and a snappy dresser.  
Other Sports ... Played football to a reasonable standard until injury forced me to hang up my boots, all the top scouts in Europe came to watch me even Lord Baden Powell.
Favourite  Golfer ... Holly Sonders and Laura Davies.
Favourite Food ... Pie Mash and liquor.


Amusing Story ... After playing golf at Maylands GC., I came up to the bar feeling real cushy with a Muvvers Ruin in one hand and a arf corona in the other not realising all the people were laughing at me as I unknowingly had,a load of toilet tissue caught up in my strides and it was hanging down, I 'd already gave them a laugh on the course with my candy stripe golf trousers, wot a plonker

The Bio report and photo's have been supplied by Denni Price

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