Player of the Year 2012

The year long monthly event's are the accumulation of points awarded for the top three places on each day, and the final 3 day overall winner for that month. Below are the players and scores who contested for the Golfer of the Year.

Congratulations to Denni Price I.F.G.G 2012 Player of the Year

Denni Price: 120 points
Cliff Saveall: 110 points
Gary Parks: 85 points
Terry Aston: 65 points
Gen Coffman: 50 points
John Ward: 50 points
Trevor Edge: 45 points
Per Hanson: 35 points
Gordon Caygill: 35 points
Chuck McCormick: 15 points
Steve: 15 points 

There were a couple of ties for 2nd and 3rd place so they equally received the same points