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UDON GOLF RESULTS (Ubolrat) ( Friday 26th April)

Interesting social golf day at Ubolrat today, last day for John Cooke before heading back to the States for a break. We the rest were determined to knock him off his perch as he has taken us to the cleaners for the past month and we wanted some of our money back.......So plan 'B' went into action............with joint 3rd place John Ward and Graham Firth with 35 points each nearly pipping you know who 'JC' with 37 points, but an old "I used to play like this when I was young" 'Cliff Saveall' managed to get his game in gear at the right time with 41 points with a gross 75.

JC was relieved he can now sleep at night, his reputation was becoming unbearable..........and CS has gone all tingly with excitement, well for today only.

Happy Golfing........signing off, Cliff 

UDON GOLF RESULTS ( Monday 22nd April)

This week Udon Golf ventured out to Ubolrat, the course was in pristine condition. Nevertheless the scores were a bit of a mixed bag: With John Cooke in fine fettle once again showing his continuing good form pipping Cliff Saveall for the honours and Denni Price slipping home in third place.

Winner: John Cooke 37 points - 2nd Cliff Saveall 36 points - 3rd Denni Price 33 points

Once again it was a pleasure to see the hardy turning out again, we are back in Udon next week (Mon 29th April) at Sri Thani. We would also like to see you all at 8 am sharp.

We are also due to play Social Golf @ Ubolrat this Friday (26th April) though's who wish to play just come along for 8:30 am tee off.

Happy Golfing.........signing off, Cliff 

UDON GOLF RESULTS (from 19th March to 12th April)

Due to our chief organiser Terry Aston's attempt to desert us in our hour of need, with a 6 week holiday vacation back to his homeland to see his family; how inconsiderate. The weekly report has been condensed into one report and this is due to the laziness of the web site author, me.

So here we go, firstly boy has it been hot around the courses we played over the past weeks.......nevertheless the hardy still managed to turn out.

Winner: IFGG (Ubolrat 19/03/2013) (1st) John Furlong 38 points - (2nd) Terry Aston - (3rd) John Ward
Winner: IFGG (Dancoon 20/03/2013) (1st) Denni Price 38 points - (2nd) Terry Aston - (3rd) John Cooke

Winner: UDG (Sri Thani 25/03/2013) (1st) John Ward 33 points - (2nd) Jamis Tanner - (3rd) Peter Hellerey
Winner: UDG (Ubolrat 28/03/2013) (1st) John Cooke 35 points - (2nd) John Ward - (3rd) Harry Farquhar/Denni Price

Winner: UDG (Sri Thani 01/04/2013) (1st) John Ward 32 points - (2nd) Peter Wirth - (3rd) Jamie Tanner
Winner: UDG (Ubolrat 05/04/2013) (1st) John Cooke 32 points - (2nd) Denni Price - (3rd) Cliff Saveall/John Ward
Winner: UDG (Victory Pk 10/04/2013) (1st) John Ward 33 points - (2nd) Jamis Tanner - (3rd) Peter Hellerey

That concludes the results so far, the conditions have been somewhat challenging with the heat and humidity but the guys have stuck at it and returned some good scores considering. Our next venture is Ubolrat today (fri) and the IFGG challenge next week at Ubolrat and Dancoon. We hope to see many of our members in Khone Kaen, so don't forget your liquid intake or its time in hospital on a drip and your bank balance a bit lighter.

John Cooke on form again today, a cool breeze to assist the guys who took part...........a long round though due to a thai holiday, nevertheless considering the numbers were slightly low today an enjoyable day was expressed.

Winner: UDG (Ubolrat 12/04/2013) 
(1st) John Cooke 39 points - (2nd) Jamie Tanner - (3rd) John Ward

Happy golfing.....signing off, Cliff

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