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Udon Society

The Udon Society has been functioning for a number of years, the group plays local courses. Contact the Group organiser for information...............also observe schedules for each group.  

Udon Friendly Golf Group

The U.F.G.G has branched out and has new challenges ahead in Udon Thani and Khon Kaen, our friends in KK have accepted the group and its hoped we continue with good relations for the future. If you would like to join them we would be happy to support your application, but remember you mast have a valid handicap.

Isaan Farang Golf Group

The I.F.G.G Group was formed by Terry Aston, the group is limited and by invitation only. Please contact him personally for information, fees and availability.

Khon Kaen Golf

K.K Golf has functioned for many years and is now headed up by Mick Collins, the group is unique and run by the members with no committee. K.K Golf has formed an association with members from the U.F.G.G in Udon

Isaan Golf Association

I.G.A is managed by Tim Zeitz for a number of years, membership give golfers discount's at various venues, hotels and outlets. Please contact him for further information


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We like to thank Gary Parks for his efforts and commitment in organising the Udon Thani Golf in the past, we wish him well for the future. All Enquiries channelled through various means email, tel or via this web site. We will deal with your request as soon as we can - email address: udonthanigolf@gmail.com

Udon Thani Golf


We will continue to assist in providing discounts at various outlets in the future, this of course included the I.G.A membership cards. As soon as we secure the discounts our regular participants you will receive an ID card for the outlets............keep checking this page for the latest discounts. The card will not cost you, it will be free if you are a member of any group.............

Cliff Saveall - Web Site (author - editor)
Society Organiser - Terry Aston
U.F.G.G Match/Friendly Competition Organiser - Harry Farquhar
I.F.G.G Organiser - Terry Aston
K.K Golf Organiser - Mick Collins
I.G.A Secretary - Tim Zietz