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UDON GOLF RESULTS (SriThani) ( Monday 20th May)

Extremely sultry humid conditions as 8 of us teed off in our weekly UDON GOLF round.

New member Norwegian Bjorn Furnes from Chaam was a welcome addition playing for the first of his three cards to assess his handicap.

Rain had been forecast probably contributing to the high humidity which certainly physically drained many of our group.

The course was in better condition than expected although the fairways will benefit greatly from the rain. The greens were immaculate if a touch slow but this was because of the over night rain but maybe the cut could have been a touch more severe. All in all though quite good going and certainly better condition than Victory Pk.

Low scores were recorded overall but Peter (The Great )Hellery won the day with 36 points which of course resulted in the expected ribbing from the rest of the group. No Blobs for Peter which is encouraging for his form going into this weeks IFGG Comp in Khon Kaen. 

Terry Aston narrowly got second spot with 32 points while Graham Firth won the only Closest to the pin prize on the 3rd hole.

Overall Scores

Peter Hellery 36

Terry Aston 32

Graham Firth 30

Cliff Saveall 28

Bent Knudsen 27

Jamie Tanner 22   

Next weeks round will be (SriThani) Monday 27th with an 8 15am tee off.

UDON GOLF RESULTS (Ubolrat) ( Friday 17th May)

Eight of us rolled up today to play in our weekly round which now includes an Eclectic Comp. Cliff Saveall has the scoring and recording all in hand and it should be an interesting format for us all to participate in.

The weather was hot and oppressive to start and with rain forecast for later in the afternoon the humidity level had risen.

Denni and ,Ray took a cart but were joined by John Ward and Terry in the foursome while Cliff, Graham, Peter and Harry made up our second four ball.

Denni was in touch early and on his way to reverse his runner up position the previous week. Peter Hellery though with 15 points won the first 6 holes and with 19 at the end of the front nine holes looked the early winner.

Denni though came up trumps by winning the 2nd and 3rd 6 holes with 15 and 14 points respectively.

Closest to the pin on the par 3 back nine holes both went to Cliff.

Overall winner was Denni Price with a great 37 points earning him a handicap adjustment with Cliff as always consistent not farr behind in second spot with 33 points.

Overall Scores were Denni Price 37,Ray also 37(dq) Cliff 33,Terry 29,Harry 29,Peter 28,Graham 25 and John surprisingly with his worst score for ages on 23.

Next week we will not play on Friday as we have our IFG GROUP comp at Singha on Wednesday and Ubolrat on Thursday.

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