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Friday Eclectic Comp at Ubolrat 14 June 2013

In Attendance; Trevor Edge, Denni  Price, Chuck Mc Cormick, Cliff Saveall, Harry Farquhar, John Ward, John Mc Morris, John Cooke, Per Hansen and Terry Aston. 

Good turn up for today’s round and pleasing to see John Cooke back, especially not in his pre-trip form where he financed his return trip to the USA with his wins LOL.  Great weather when we commenced to tee off at 8 30am and the course in tip top condition to match.

If there was one complaint it is the lack of definition at times to mark the fairways which causes concern at times. To clarify it in future it may be as simple to clarify by it being closely mown areas where preferred lies are allowed. If in doubt ask your marker and failing that refer it to the other members of the playing group and majority rule to apply. Anyway that is only a small issue in the scheme of things as overall, only Singha matches, or is superior to Ubolrat at this time.

Winners today were:

1st 6 holes Denni 14 points - 2nd 6 holes Denni 14 points - 3rd 6 holes Cliff 13 points

Closest to the Pin on back 9 par 3 holes-both won by Per Hansen.

Overall Winner for the day Denni Price 39 points - Runner up Cliff Saveall 36 points.

Other Scores; Trevor Edge and Harry Farquhar 34 points, Terry Aston 33points, John Mc Morris 30points, Chuck Mc Cormick and John Ward 29 points, John Cooke 27 points, Per Hansen 24 points.

Summary: Highs and Lows- Trevor and John hitting each others balls on the 17th costing them both 2 penalty points. 

Per with 24 points today- following his 39 points to win the Udon Golf round last Wednesday. John Cooke with only 27 points after cleaning up the guy’s pre his USA trip. John Mc Morris with his much improved 30 points today suggests playing to his 13 handicap may not be far off. Trevor’s chip in from the edge for his par on the first hole. Cliffs return to form with 36 points. Denni’s 39 points seeing his handicap drop accordingly to single figures.

Next Week’s Eclectic Comp will be held Thursday as part of the IFGG 2 day Competition. 

UDON GOLF RESULTS (Victory Park) (Wed 12th June 2013)

Today's round was played in surprisingly good weather after it had looked like yesterday the round might have to be cancelled. The course is still under repair with the fairways largely GUR but this did not affect the play as FREE DROPS were applied. Most of the Bunkers were under water which helped wayward shots being provided with free drops as well, which basically was better than landing in a dry or damp bunker.

Six members rolled up plus three guests, Chuck being one of those who played in our comp. Per Hansen determined to wipe out the memory of a poor 6 on a recent first nine holes really came to play and had 19 points at the turn and then added another 20 points to win the day. ( .9 off his handicap most appropriate). Harry Farquhar started on fire with 2 birdies on his front nine recording 20 points at the turn to finish with 36 points in coming second.

 Terry Aston pipped John Mc Morris for the closest to the pin by 6 inches on the last par 3 hole.   

Overall Scores.  Per Hansen 39/17, Harry Farquhar 36/11.1,Terry Aston 32/16.2,Graham Firth 31/14.5,Chuck Mc Cormick 28/24.2,Bill Toyn 25/17, John McMorris  21/13

NEXT WEEKS UDON GOLF ROUND at Sri Thani on Monday 17th will be CANCELLED due to most members being involved in the June IFGG ROUND on Wed/Thurs.

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