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Udon Golf Report - Ubolratana Dam 5th Aug 2013

With many members absent overseas and some recovering from injury or illness only 5 of us turned up at Ubolrat Dam course today. Fantastic weather and those who decided to not attend certainly missed out on a wonderful days golf in perfect conditions. We tried a new format i.e. Negative Stableford to see how this would work out and be received. It certainly made each player accountable for bad holes which has to assist their golf development. Good players however rise to the top in most competitions and today was no exception with our Groups best golfer Cliff Saveall winning the day with 37 points and in the process recording NO NEGATIVES. He also almost did a clean sweep with the Sixers and Closest to the pin except for Terry Aston who won the last of the Sixes.

It was pleasing to see how the group embraced trying a different format and focussed only on the real goal of enjoying a round of Golf with friends. UDON GOLF is poorly attended at this time, however we will stay the course of once a month competitions for the remainder of the year.  

Cliff Saveall, Gary Parks, Peter Kerrigan, Peter Hellery and Terry Aston were the members in attendance today.

Udon Golf Report - Ubolratana Dam 2nd Aug 2013

First week of our August Eclectic played today at Ubolrat with Cliff Saveall, John Ward,Peter Hellery,Peter Kerrigan,Harry Farquhar and Terry Aston rolling up to play.

The weather was less than inviting to commence the day with Lightning and thunder pre our departure from Udon. However Ubolrat weather was in direct contrast with clear skies,no rain and the course in super condition once again.

Peter Kerrigan surprised himself by winning the Closest to the Pin on the 11th hole which was certainly his days highlight. Cliff, Peter Hellery and Terry won a Sixer each and Terry with 35 points won the days round Overall.

Enjoyable day,good weather,great course and friendly company throughout the round.

Danny Harris Farewell

Popular PGA Coach Danny Harris said his Goodbyes late yesterday to the Udon Golf fraternity at a gathering at Thananont Driving Range.

There was a good roll up of us farangs and later the Thai players and parents. Danny has had a major influence for those of us who were beginners or needing assistance to the next level. 
Thai Players though came from afar to take advantage of his Teaching/Coaching and he has in the process advanced many of them to legit top Thai levels.

It is unlikely due to the economics here in Udon that we will get anyone as credentialed as Danny to replace him. However those of us who are still keen to get his feedback might consider sending him videos to get advice on how best to tweak our stroke.

Hopefully we have not seen the last of  Danny but we do wish him well in his future Coaching appointments back in the UK.

Udon Golf Report - Ubolratana Dam 26th July 2013

Seven of us teed off at Ubolrat this morning to conclude the July Eclectic as well as farewell the ever popular Denni Price.

Denni returns to the Uk Sunday to hopefully get appropriate treatment on his knees to enable him to play his golf at least relatively pain free.


He certainly departed on a high in winning the Eclectic on a count back from John Ward as well as finishing second on 36 points to a rampaging Cliff Saveall with 38 points.Add to this winning two of the Sixes and one of the two closest to the pins. Cliff cleaned up the other Sixer plus the second closest to the pin.

So a clean sweep for our top two players at this time. We look forward to Denni returning sooner than later to rejoin us his Udon Golf buddies. Good to have Gary Parks back playing with our group.

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