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Udon Golf Report - Ubolratana Dam 30th Aug 2013 (Texas Scramble)

Great to have 12 players roll up today to compete in a Texas Scramble format instead of our usual Stableford Eclectic. Weather was perfect if a touch hot but the course looking magnificent as we drove in from Udon helped one forget the heat.

Playing off the Blue Tee boxes was not initially well received but after some discussion pre the tee off the group agreed to give it a go as it does give the course a different look from always playing off the white tees.

Cliff Saveall, Bob Strutt, Peter Kerrigan and Peter Hellery teed off first, followed by Harry Farquhar, John Mc Morris , Trevor edge and John Ward, Graham Firth, Bill Toyn , Rex King and I formed the last group.

Each group had at least one big hitter so the back tees were not a problem for them while the rest had to manage their shots well. Tactically it was important to think ahead so that our higher handicappers had their 4 Tee shots used on the easier holes where possible. The great part about this Team concept is that each member in one way or another gets a chance to contribute during the 18 holes and having three team mates along one can hit a shot without the pressure that is there in individual competitions.

I had predicted that the Winning Team would have to record around a 63 net figure and I proved to be spot on with my Team of Graham, Rex and Bill coming in with a 69 round less our 6 shot handicap for the 63 predicted.

Cliffs A Team was not far behind with 64.5 closely followed by Harry’s group on 66.3. Trevor Edge and Graham Firth won the two closest to the pin on the par three holes.  

There were disadvantages in playing off the back tees as it was pointless at times for those who had a long hitter to attempt clearing the water hazard once the ball was in play. However as stated above it did give the course a different look and it was a change from the normal. The challenge is to vary our competitions enough so boredom does not set in. It is my belief though as well that Team competitions brings your members together in a desirable Club atmosphere.

Next Friday we will try something different again and hopefully have a good roll-up as we did today.  

Udon Golf Report - Ubolratana Dam 16th Aug 2013

Super day at Ubolrat, weather perfect and course magnificent. Nine of us teed off with Peter Hellery, Peter Kerrigan and Rex King in the first group and Cliff Saveall, Bob Strutt, John Ward and Terry Aston in the second.

Peter Hellery made a return to form with a 39 point game in the first group which hopefully will lift his confidence for next week’s IFGG COMP. Cliff Saveall with 40 points including 3 birdies was in great touch closely followed by Terry Aston 39 and John Ward 37. Bob Strutt in only his second game back with 30 points suggests he is not far off from his best.

Winners - First 6 holes - John Ward 13. 
Second 6 - Cliff Saveall 16. Third 6 - Terry Aston 15

Overall Winner Cliff Saveall 40 points. Second Terry Aston 39 points on count back over Peter Hellery also 39 points. Closest to the Pin on Par 3 hole Rex King

Next week’s eclectic will be part of our IFGG on Thursday.

Udon Golf Report - Ubolratana Dam 9th Aug 2013

Another lovely day weather wise at Ubolrat when we teed off this morning for our Eclectic round. Bob Strutt having returned from Australia joined us to make our numbers 8 in total. Course was in good shape although they are messing around with some of the greens which sort of mystifies us as they were in great condition previous.

John Ward, Peter Kerrigan, Harry Farquhar and Bob Strutt teed off first with John showing the way with probably his best drive in ages off the first tee. He birdied the first hole which was an indication he was up for the round. Bob Strutt having not played since March showed with his 28 points that he will be back in touch sooner than later. Peter Kerrigan had his best performance so far with 31 points which although is still above his handicap suggests he is not far off as well in getting his game going. Cliff, Johnny Mac, Peter Hellery and Terry Aston teed off in the second group.

The humidity although not stifling gets to some especially if they have any nagging injury and that was the case today with Johnny Mac and Cliff who both played some brilliant holes as befitting their handicaps. Anyway and enjoyable day and again no one died thankfully lol. Although having a couple of brain fades on the closing holes Terry Aston won the day with 35 points with Harry snaring second on count-back over Cliff with 32 points.   
The Sixer's went to Harry (2) and Terry with no one capable of  getting on the green on the par 3  12th hole to win Closest to the pin. 
Terry Aston 35,Harry Farquhar& Cliff Saveall 32,Peter Kerrigan 31,John Mc Morris 30,John Ward 29,Bob Strutt 28, Peter Hellery 16.

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