The Story so far........ we never forget who we are and what we can do for the underprivileged in our community.

A wake up call today for four Golf buddies Terry Aston, Gary Parks, Cliff Saveall, Peter Hellery and our wives when we presented B30,000 worth of necessary items to The Udon Home for Children.

After handing over the goods to the Centres Supervisor we met many of the young kids with our wives handed out snacks to all those there. We also visited the wards where the babies were homed in wall to wall cots.

Orphaned and abandoned it was heart breaking to see them knowing that their futures were without parents. As we left many climbed to the windows to get a glance of us.

We know now what one of the major focuses will be from now on, as well as the close golf buddies we will try to spread the word, to make sure we as farangs do our best to help these poor children who have been abandoned for what ever reason.

Our golfing exploits take us to places we enjoy without ever being concerned about the children around the world trying very hard to make the most of there lives, and without opportunities we've been privileged to have.

The money spent was contributed by past and present Udon Golf members from previous Udon Thani Golf Society Secretary Gary Parks plus this years members contributions.

We welcome any contribution; please use the online form to leave your details and make your pledge. If you are a large company, a small business or a single contributor. We will publish details of your generosity for our cause via the web site.

We thank you in advance for your generosity

Our second visit was on the 17th November 2013 (Loy Krathong), to deliver some cooked food for all the children and present a framed photo from our previous donations.

We would like to thank all who have kindly donated each time we play golf, and the continuing support for our cause from the various events within our community. The charity pot continually grows each week, which enables us to help on a more regular basis.

Most Udon Golf Groups support this Charity

Contact Udon's Charity Organiser: Peter Hellery

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