A terrific night at our Udon Golf's Charity, The Udon Home For Children's Loy Krathong celebrations.

Our wives / partners Jane, Pui, Maew, Jan and Lai did a fantastic job in purchasing all the ingredients to which they contributed personal cash plus preparing the huge pot of Chicken Noodles for serving to the crowd of approx. 300 kids and helpers.

We also provided bags of snacks for the kids that had been coerced at huge discounts from sympathetic shop owners. Our Golf guys weekly contribution provided most of the funds but the rest was made up from our donations on the night. Jan Saveall and Katie helped as well with the occasion in serving and presenting prizes to the kids who entertained us. Harry Farquhar played the Pied Piper role by distributing candies to all the kids which he obviously enjoyed doing. Cliff Saveall provided, and presented a lovely framed photo to the Homes Supervisor of our recent 30,000baht worth of supplies to them that will be hung in the front foyer.

The kids put on a show for all of us with dancing and singing plus a beauty competition with Graham Firth being one of the judges. It was great to see the children enjoying the evening, no one feeling sorry for themselves here. Pre the commencement of the evening Graham and Kate visited the babies and infants section where they have one Ward with babies from as young as 3 weeks up to about 1 year old. We went in and played with the children who lapped up all the attention.

Although the staff do a great job there are not enough of them to provide the love and affection, as well as care to the numbers they have. In the other ward were the children from 1 to approx. 3 year old who raced to the door to see us farangs. Graham I know felt compassion in seeing this for the first time as I had, plus sorrow seeing how so many of these lovely children have been abandoned.


Anyone who visits the Home and does not want to do something to help the children has a real problem in my opinion. When the girls packed up and we departed there was a good feeling among us that we had contributed in a small way to these children. In the big picture our contribution is a pittance, but I am sure the Golf buddies who were there feel as I do that we can encourage our other mates to help as well.

Many thanks to my Golf buddies in Peter Hellery who brought the food and cooking facilities to the home, Cliff for the framed photo for the center, plus Gary, Harry and Graham for their attendance an support. Appreciation also to my wife Jane who organised the troops together in the right manner to make these occasions possible.

Report by: Terry Aston