Khon Kaen v Udon Thani Golf Challenge

Post date: 07-Nov-2015 01:16:10

Khon Kaen v Udon Thani Golf Challenge ( 3rd & 4th November 2015)

The inaugural match between the two city's kicked off at Ubolrantana Dam Golf Golf Club, 28 golfers competed in the matchplay pairs on day one and what a day it became with Udon inching ahead by one point at 4 to 3. Captain Mick & Cliff expressed the good spirit between our city neighbors and friends, the singles matches were announced for Singha Park the following day. With 14 points available Udon Captain Cliff led the team in the first match and posted the first point for Udon, commiseration's to my good friend Remy. Then the fight back began with Khon Kaen leveling the match after 7 games completed, as it filtered back to the clubhouse all were getting excited, with nails bitten and banter being the order came news that half matches were the order for the next 4 out of 6 games, match tied again with one game to come......boy what a match it turned out to be with Khon Kaen 7 to 6 up in the single matches, Udon's unsung hero David Gardner pipped John Thrower in the very last game to not only level the singles but scramble across the line to secure the win for Udon Thani 11 points to 10 points.

Most of all the sportsmanship and the friendship was the winner over the two days, it was so refreshing to see 28 guys all interacting with each other at the presenting of the Cup to Udon for safe keeping until next time.

A special thanks goes to Mick & John and their team who were gallant looses, we have no doubt this match will grow more in time.....we both look forward to the next one possibly in march next year.

A special thanks to the Udon guys, really great two days on and off the course.....lots of fun.

Thanks Harry for you help also, signing off.

Cliff Saveall