Annual Food Drive

Post date: 13-Oct-2009 00:34:09

Important Notice:

We will do our best to provide as much information about how important it is with nourishment and liquid intake prior/during playing your round of Golf in Thailand.


Most selective food's and fruit's here are full of vitamin's and mineral's, This web site will offer a list that will assist in keeping your strength up during a round.

Click on these links below:


In Thailand there is a high (CKD) Chronic Kidney Disease and mostly caused by the lack of fluid in the body. For us Farang's it's doubly important to drink at least 2 liters of Water/Fluid every single day. When playing Golf it's also critical the body need's more than the normal intake of fluid, we advise you keep your intake up as much as you can..........or you will begin to suffer fatigue, lake of concentration, cramp and headaches.

There are certain drinks you can make up: Like...!!!: Click on the Links below

Rehydrate drinks or powder mixes, from your local chemist. DIY Advise

How about, ENSUR a powder drink that has all the Vitamins and Mineral's

We are not medical people, but common sense should be prevalent when playing Golf in Thailand